Water Remidiation

Pure Bio is an effective agent for removing toxins from water systems. Its porous structure attracts and traps unwanted particles. This form of filtering media has a half-life of 1400 years and has commercial water reclamation and water remediation applications ranging from environmental disaster clean-up to water quality maintenance at water treatment centers.

How Does it Work?

Pure Bio has a high sorption capacity and a porous structure allowing it to capture minute particles. This form of carbon has a half life of 1400 years.

Pure Bio’s immense surface area and complex pore structure (a single gram can have a surface area of over 1000 square yards) provides a secure habitat for micro-organisms and fungi.

What Toxins Can Pure Bio Remove?

Ammonia, Phosphorus, Nitrates, Mercury, Aluminum, Cadmium, Total Coliform, Fecal Coliform, Chromium, Lead, Arsenic, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Chloride, Oil/Grease, Barium, Tin, Selenium, Lithium, many others.

This recent test performed at PAB labs in the Philippines shows a drastic reduction in toxins and solids from only 1 cycle of influent waster water through Pure Bio.

For Purifying Natural Waterways

Pure Bio is inserted into permeable bags that can be submerged in affected polluted waterways.

These bags are then placed in waterways to absorb undesirable chemicals. Routine testing is done on an ongoing basis to determine chemical saturation. The rate of replacement depends on numerous variables unique to each project.

Dredging is an essential component to the rehabilitation of heavily polluted rivers and bays. However, the dredging of contaminated materials will cause the harmful particles to regroup and spread to a larger area in the water body. It is before dredging begins in order to capture toxins that will be released in the process. Pure Bio should be placed both in the riverbed and in the pools where collected sediment and debris are stored in compliance with government regulations

Pure Bio can be stacked in rows across narrow channels attached to weighted buoys which will allow water to freely flow but will capture large amounts of undesired compounds, filtering waterways 24 hours a day with easy access for routine testing.

For Purifying Municipal, Mining, & Waste Water

Pure Bio delivery systems can be customized for larger installations and retrofitted to the existing hardware. Water flow is diverted through an implement filled with Pure Bio and cycled through multiple times before moving on to the next phase.

Once chemical saturation occurs, Pure Bio is routinely removed and replaced. and recycled by our team.