Pure Bio:

A Soil Amendment

As multibillion-dollar projects intending to sequester carbon dioxide (C02) in deep geologic storage continue to seek financial support, the fertile black soils in the Amazon basin suggest a cheaper, lower-tech route toward the same destination. Scattered patches of dark, charcoal-rich soil known as terra preta[Portuguese for “black earth”] are the inspiration for an internationa effort to explore how burying biomass-derived charcoal, can boost soil fertility and transfer a sizeable amount of C02 from the atmosphere into safe storage in topsoil. Although burial of this charcoal is just beggining to be tested in long-term, fieldscale trials, studies of Amazonian terra preta show that this material can lock up carbon in the soil for centuries and improve soil fertility.

Soil Reclamation

Pure Bio works as a soil reclamation product, as well as an extremely effective fertilizer and moisture retention agent.

Introducing Pure Bio into depleted soil can regenerate growth and can exponentially multiply crop yields. Its carbon honeycomb structure not only absorbs toxins but also retains 5 times its weight in water which assists in irrigation in areas of limited access to water.

313% increate in plant cover over conventional alternatives.

3.5x more moisture in soil over conventional alternatives.

The Soil Benefits of Pure Bio

  • Soil Water Holding Capacity
  • Soil Fertility
  • Beneficial Micro-Organisms
  • Stable (1000’s years)
  • Reduced leaching keeps more nutrients in the root zone over longer periods of time.