Project Management / Product Support

Pure Bio Environmental can provide project management support to our distributors as a separate service, offering site-specific guidance and custom solutions to fit the needs of each client. As there are many methods used in mining and quarry operations, there are diverse answers to the challenges these businesses face. Our company can provide those answers by introducing leading experts in these fields to analyze challenging projects. We will work with your team at every step to problem solve, finding the right combination of variables to achieve the best results for your clients.

Many obstacles can be overcome simply by understanding the details of what your clients are trying to accomplish. We provide a detailed client questionnaire that can give us an encompassing view of each site’s objectives and problems. Utilizing teleconference apps, we can communicate easily across international borders with your team and our experts.

Select projects will require us to physically send experts to sites:
● To train client engineers on the use of Pure Bio
● To create project plans
● To provide detailed site mapping
● To assess and design systems based on the unique landscape on site

As often as possible, we will utilize our partners in the Philippines for on-site expertise. Under certain circumstances, we may need to bring in experts from abroad who specialize in particular problems beyond the scope of our local experts. Regardless of what challenges your clients face, PBE will provide you with the consulting support you need in order to help them, from inception to completion.

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