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Pure Bio can be used on its own or in combination with other sorbents or precipitants to remove metals, sulphur compounds, nutrients or other leaching effluents.


Regrowing vegetative cover over disturbed ground in order to ensure a slope is stable can be invaluable to a mining site.

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Pure Bio Environmental is an international, environmentally-focused company centered around solutions to pervasive and ongoing challenges in water and soil remediation. Our goals are to improve environments while building infrastructure to support the proliferation of healthy business practices for our clients, to protect natural assets, and to support our clients’ unique circumstantial needs. PBE is an international distributor of environmental cleaning products and solutions, focused on water and soil remediation.


Our flagship product is made from pure carbon with a porous honeycomb structure that naturally attracts unwanted particles from water and soil. We combine this carbon with a spectrum of natural key ingredients to create “Pure Bio,” a water and soil reclamation agent.


This is a solid carbon-negative charcoal product that results from thermochemical conversion of biomass through pyrolysis, or extreme heating in the absence of oxygen. Pure Bio can be customized to the specific needs of a project to remove toxins, metals, and other pollutants from water, or to add desirable elements into soil as a re-vegetation/soil amendment.

Pure Bio is available in three delivery options:

Powder, Pellets, Briquettes

This form of carbon has a half life of 1400 years and has commercial water reclamation and remediation applications ranging from mining pollution and environmental clean-up to water quality maintenance at water treatment centers. Pure Bio’s sorption capacity is immense, having an extensive surface area and complex pore structure (a single gram can have a surface area of over 1000 square yards). Our proprietary blend of carbon is derived from pine wood from the southwestern United States. This type of wood-based carbon is critical for the mitigation of mining  waste


Pure Bio is used at many commercial mines to mitigate pollution through filtration and for revegetation to stabilize sloped mining sites.

Project Management

Pure Bio Environmental can provide project management support to our distributors as a separate service, offering site-specific guidance and custom solutions to fit the needs of each client. 

Pure Bio: An Emerging Market

The Philippines has entered into a new era of environmental responsibility through legislative actions like the Clean Water Act which imposes harsh penalties each day against companies found to be discharging untreated wastewater into water bodies.

What Does Pure Bio Do?

“Pure Bio has a proven track record with impressive results in the attenuation of heavy metals, toxins, and unwanted pollutants. The following tables showcase our product’s efficacy on numerous projects all over the world, in many cases virtually eliminating offensive compounds entirely.”

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